Why Culture is Your Greatest Asset

Taylor Dove

Being culture conscious is often overlooked in many organizations. Most businesses understand the importance of instilling a sense of pride and team spirit in their employees, but the notion of culture extends beyond employee morale.

Creating an adaptive company culture not only strengthens your business, but it can help you learn and grow as a founder. Here are four benefits to developing a strong company culture within your business.

Your Company’s Performance Will Improve

Developing a strong company culture encourages everyone in your circle to produce higher-quality work. Your company culture ties directly into employee motivation and satisfaction—happier employees will work harder and perform better.

Companies with a strong corporate culture outperform their competitors by nearly 20% when it comes to profitability. Working towards strengthening your company culture might just lead to an increase in profits.

Stronger Communication Within Your Company

Having a positive culture within your company will boost the amount of open and honest communication between you and your employees. An open line of communication will help your employees collaborate and work towards your company’s overarching goals.

Open communication often means employees feel empowered to share their own honest opinions without fear of repercussions. If you company lacks open communication, you could be missing out on a variety of opinions and viewpoints held by those in your company.

Culture also plays an important role in creating a shared mission and vision throughout your company. With everyone openly communicating and working towards a shared vision, meeting your company goals will feel easier than ever.

Increased Employee Retention

Culture-conscious companies often hire better talent and manage to hold onto that talent much longer than companies without a strong culture. This is because culture makes people feel like they belong, and a strong sense of belonging encourages employees to stick around.

A higher retention rate means fewer new hires entering your company. As a result, you’ll spend less time and money training a new employee. On average, it costs a company over $4,000 to hire someone new. If your company is constantly having to hire new people, this adds up fast.

Employee retention also helps create stronger relationships between the employees in your company—people will get to know each other and work together long-term.

Better Public Image

Your company’s culture goes beyond your employees and your workspace. Culture is also an important component of your brand identity and can influence the way consumers think of your brand. If your company is known for treating employees well, creating a positive atmosphere, and sticking to its core values, consumers will take notice.

Your company culture is a great place to start living out the values you’ve set for your business. It’s easy to spot the businesses that say one thing and do the opposite, so putting your words into action within your company will boost your business’ image from the inside out.
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