Growing Value in Your Business


Every CEO has to have it: Growth. Without it, you’re a wind-down or a turn-around on the hoof. In recent years, the pressures have been fairly low, but post-pandemic increases in the cost of labor, supply chain, technology, and security all make corporate survival without growth increasingly challenging.

So let’s get some growth. Of course, you’re pushing the top line for growth, but let’s talk about other ways you might increase value simultaneously.

While we’re increasing sales by generating leads and sales, we gain an important new source of market data: our new customers. We can now tap into their collective knowledge as an important source to leverage for creating value: your brand.

Iterating on your brand can bring critical new benefits to you and your team. If your purpose and values don’t come through your messaging, it may be time to upgrade your brand. 

Four reasons to leverage your purpose and values in your brand and marketing:

  1. You can reposition yourself upmarket and increase margins.
  2. Craft a more immersive story to be more engaging.
  3. Gain new customers who align with your beliefs.
  4. Attract more investors who are interested in your purpose.

When you started your business, your purpose and values excited people and drove the company, even if you couldn’t describe them very well. If you’re doing well, you’ve got a growing group of people who may be more talented than you, at least in their area of expertise. There’s no doubt if you engaged their knowledge of your customers with their creative talents, you’d raise your game.

It really pays to:

  • Engage your expanded team in your corporate purpose and core values.
  • Describe them in terms that are appealing to customers and employees.
  • Layer your purpose and values into your marketing and recruiting.

Leveraging purpose in your brand, engaging your team in the company’s future direction, and publicly expressing your purpose and values all help drive value in your business. In addition to increased revenue and margins, you are likely to experience higher conversion rates and lower turnover.

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