5 Tips For Navigating the Non-Tech Startup Space

The term “startup” is usually associated with technology. The term was coined during the internet bubble, which makes sense since most businesses offer technology and related services to their users.  However, over the last few years, there has been a shift in startups entering the industry. People are realizing that while they may not be … Read more

5 Ways You Can Lose Your Brand Ownership

Building and developing a brand is not simple, especially when competition is fierce in the market. Any wrong step can destroy the reputation you spend time creating. However, branding ownership is the backbone of your credibility in the market. It demonstrates what value you provide and how customers think about your company when they see … Read more

The 5 Top Benefits of Brand Ownership

When you own your brand, you have complete freedom and flexibility over how you use it. Here are five advantages of brand ownership that any business can benefit from. The Opportunity to Accomplish Your Mission Every company has its mission in the business world, and you’ll have a hard time accomplishing it without a brand. … Read more

5 Ways To Get Your Non-Tech Startup Funded

Choosing non-tech startups means that entrepreneurs are not dependent on technology to run their delivery mechanisms. Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Macy’s, and Groupon are remarkable examples of this business type. If you think about following this suit, how can you get your company funded?  Here are six ways you should consider before starting off. Outlining an Effective … Read more

3 More Ways to Build Entrepreneurial Networks

Consider spider webs. The spider is an intelligent species and has a design sensibility–some spiders actively decorate their webs with their silk designs. This, in turn, attracts prey instead of the spider actively pursuing it. We’re not here to convince you that you must create a network similar to that of a spider–that would be … Read more

5 Ways to Build an Adaptive Culture

An adaptive culture is “simply a way of operating where change is expected and adapting to those changes is smooth, routine and seamless.” Here are five techniques you should consider to create it for staff members and yourself. Being Anticipatory The adaptive corporate culture is not passive. As a leader, you need to sense unforeseen … Read more

The Benefits of Business Coaching

Sometimes, a minor setback in business could be a sign of something bigger at play. It’s important to take some time to evaluate where you are in your entrepreneurial journey and acknowledge any hindrances that are preventing you from taking the business to the next level.  The reality is that while you may be an … Read more

4 Tips to Connect with Other Entrepreneurs

Connecting with other entrepreneurs is an important part of growing your entrepreneurial network. The more people you know, the more resources you have to turn to when it comes to your startup. Want to connect with other entrepreneurs? Here are four tips that will get you started. Join an Entrepreneurial Organization Entrepreneurial organizations are a … Read more

Growing Value in Your Business

Every CEO has to have it: Growth. Without it, you’re a wind-down or a turn-around on the hoof. In recent years, the pressures have been fairly low, but post-pandemic increases in the cost of labor, supply chain, technology, and security all make corporate survival without growth increasingly challenging. So let’s get some growth. Of course, … Read more

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