A CEO’s First 100 Days

Taylor Dove

A CEO’s first 100 days can be a critical time. For new CEOs, it can be the difference between success and failure. So what should emerging leaders do in the first 100 days to start their business on the right foot? 

Here are four things new CEOs should do in the first 100 days of their startup.

Get to Know Your People

In a CEO’s first 100 days, getting their business off the ground is only the first step—they also have to start finding their people. The CEO acts as a leader, motivator, and mentor for the other people in their company. Whether you have a team of 2 people or a team of 2,000, it’s the CEO’s job to form a connection with every person working in their company during these early stages. If everyone doesn’t come together, it will be difficult for their business to gain traction. So get cracking on forming those connections.

Listen to Others and Take Advice

As a new CEO, it’s important to seek out and accept advice from others. Often, when people are ready to seek out advice, they’ve already made up their minds about approaching the problem. 

The early stages of your business are the perfect time to open yourself, and your mind, to receiving advice from others. Talk to experts and other experienced CEOs about the problems they faced in the early stages of their businesses so you can avoid dealing with those same issues yourself. Get insight from different perspectives and use those unique viewpoints to improve your business early on.

Be Prepared to Make Tough Decisions

CEOs are the head decision-makers for their companies. In the first 100 days, you’ll likely have to make some difficult decisions about the business—maybe even taking it in a whole new direction. 

Flexibility is critical in the first 100 days, or else you might back your business into a corner and hinder your early-stage success. Equip yourself with a wide range of knowledge, seek out advice when you need it, and be confident in the decisions that you make.

Develop Your Company’s Mission and Vision

A CEO’s first 100 days is the golden time for them to solidify the heart of their company. What does your company stand for? What are your values? How will your company live out those values? Now is the time for you to decide what you want your company to stand for and how you want to represent your values through your work.

The first 100 days are critical for any new business. This is the time when a business will either sink or swim, and you’re in full control. Keep these four tips in mind, and your new business should be well on its way to success after the first 100 days!

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