3 Ways Axiom Groups Fight Imposter Syndrome


If you’re like most people, you might think one of the primary reasons entrepreneurs or CEO fail to reach their desired goals is because they lack a specific skill set. Although this may be true, more often than not, it is because they lack self-confidence. With some workshops like Axiom, CEOs learn valuable skills for achieving their goals.

As CEOs, there is enormous pressure on you to follow through on promises you’ve made. In many cases, these promises are made without a clear path for execution. If this has happened to you, you might be left feeling very anxious, leading to a dip in your confidence. This feeling is referred to as “imposter syndrome”—the idea that you’re not as competent as others believe you are. Imposter syndrome affects millions of people every day, regardless of their intelligence, capability, and knowledge.

A CEO is responsible for making people feel comfortable with their initiatives. They are there to uplift, inspire, and convince others to trust their initiatives.

But, who convinces the CEO when they start to question their ability to follow through on these initiatives?

With Axiom workshops, CEOS will learn valuable skills and gain expert insight on how they can overcome many of the issues facing CEOs today. 

American companies spend billions of dollars training and educating employees every year. Reports show that in the United States, companies spend over $160 billion on training and development. All this money spent ensuring employees have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed has only resulted in millions of companies failing to see a good return on the investment due to low retention and relevance of the materials.

Axiom workshops fight imposter syndrome in 3 ways:

1.       Learnings on issues you face from your coach and peers twice a month

2.       Watching your peers work through their problems, allowing you to learn from them

3.       Giving you the confidence and resilience to face any situation

When you participate in Aspire360 bi-weekly virtual workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to bounce ideas and techniques off your trusted group and fellow Axiom CEOs. More often than not, other CEOs in your industry will have experience managing organizations. Our workshops spark dialogue among fellow members by creating a space where you can ask questions and break down any issue facing your business. These sessions provide you with strategies needed to communicate your vision and goals throughout your organization.

What is an Axiom Group?

Think of Axiom as a safe space: a place where you can collaborate and build your business with 8-12 other startup founders and growth-stage entrepreneurs. Everyone in your group is driven and inspired to create a great company that will leave a lasting impression on the global community. By providing diversity through thoughtful discussions, each member of your Axiom Group is trained to provide you with a wide range of perceptions and perspectives. Hence, you get the most out of each strategy session.

Studies show that implementing training through small pieces of engaging content is the best way for our brains to process and retain information. With our multi-day courses, you can reflect and better direct your attention on developing and growing your leadership skills. Excellent leadership requires excellent mentorship. When you sign up for our exciting program, you’ll gain access to our network of CEOs and other industry advisors who can help you overcome many complex issues that face startups today.

Are you ready to leave the competition in the dust and blast off to new heights in your industry? Join the hundreds of driven and like-minded CEOs who’ve already taken the steps toward accelerating their business with Aspire360. Start your 30-day free trial today.

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